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Hamacho Co., Ltd.

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Personal Information
We protect your personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Law. The details on how we protect personal information is mentioned below. Please review the details below and contact us with any questions you may have. We appreciate your understanding.
  1. We use personal information for the limited purposes as follows:
    • To reply to customer inquiries, for sending necessary documents to customers according to their inquiry, for managing customer accounts and for checking relevant information about the customer to remedy issues or improve services.
  2. We will not provide confidential personal information to any third party without consent.
  3. Please contact us at the address provided for any of the following: complaints concerning notification, disclosure, changing information, adding or deleting information, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of or provision to third parties regarding the handling of personal information.
  4. Regarding cookies, we acquire only access analysis information for the purpose of providing better information for future sessions or information to be used on the confirmation screen. We do not acquire personal information.
  5. The input of personal information is optional, but if you choose not to enter your personal information or if it is not correctly input, we may not be able to provide accurate information according to your inquiry.
<Contact Information>
Kosaku Hamada
Representative of Personal Information Protection for the client, Hamacho Co., Ltd.
Tel.: +81-880-63-9555

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